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We work out what the average number of times a site pays out a jackpot (over $5000) and then count the number of days since it last paid out.  WE are the crafty people lurking near the slots!  We will tell you that a site is due to pay out, so you know when the best time to play is.  Increase your chances of winning at sites like and by waiting to get an alert from us, or consulting the front page above here.  If the site is green – it’s a good time to be playing!  Just put your name and e-mail address in the contact form above, and let us do the hard work for you!

What else do we do:

Scratch Card Reviews:  Each scratch card website we alert on also has a review page.  For example Hopa reviews, Crazy Scratch Reviews or Winnings Reviews.  Read our reviews and see what other users think of the sites.   It’s interesting to see how Prime Scratch Cards really lives up to Scratch2Cash or what people think of OK Scratch Cards versus

Scratch Card Bonuses: We have exclusive bonus codes for all the sites we create alerts for.  Thus you can not only improve your chances of winning with us, but you can get some nice freebies online!

Definitions:  Scratch cards are often called instant wins, scratch off cards or scratch tickets; scratchcards are games and tickets which you scratch off an area to win a prize or jackpot.  Some like to think of them as Instant Lottery Tickets! Instead of waiting for the weekly draw you can win instantly!