Bettson is the perfect place to be if you like to have a good time and a little flutter during your time off! There’s no place online like it – you can play slots, games, bet online and take part in a whole smorgasbord of other activities! With a grand scratch prize of £1,000,000, you can “bet” there’s a point in playing over there!

Choose from the most popular games if you’re unfamiliar with online scratch cards – games like Sean and Sun, Holiday hotel, 7th Heaven and the ever popular (and profitable) 3 Wow. Maybe you know what you’re looking to play – in which case, you’ll be very happy with the large selection of different themes on Bettson. You can pick an activity from various categories, including Classic, Sports, Slots, Fantasy (our favourite) and Casino. It’s all up to you! That’s the wonderful thing about playing online – freedom of choice and a huge selection of cards – unlike your local supermarket!

No more playing in your car on a rainy afternoon – now, you can scratch those rows off in the comfort of your own home with a nice cup of tea next to you. As we mentioned before, 3 Wow is a really popular choice because it’s notorious for paying out so much. This is apparent on the Bettson site, where you’ll see a list of winners on the right – notice how many 3 Wow players there are included on that scrolling winners roster?

A Swedish company registered in Malta (and active on the international stock exchange), the Bettson Group has over 40 years of experience in the gambling world so you know you’re in good hands. The website itself is owned wholly by Bettson too, so there are plenty of excellent offers on there which are absolutely not available anywhere else. If you click on the “News and Campaigns” link on the left of the page, you’ll find yourself able to view many current offers, some of them time sensitive. You won’t find that kind of generosity anywhere else – especially in this quantity! So in that respect as well as a number of others, Bettson really is unique and certainly deserves to be added to your list of favourites.

Looking at some of the special offers at the time of writing, we see everything from free bonus offers for deposits, notification of games offering prizes, games of the month and hot tips on where to look for more money! So clearly they’re a company on your side – they want you to have as much fun as you can.

It goes without saying that Bettson is one hundred percent legitimate – they back their games up with the promise of fair play and registration at the appropriate places, proving their genuine intentions! Fair play essentially means that a company cannot legally take a customer’s money without paying out almost all the revenue they take in. What this means for you is a genuine chance of winning – and a one in three (at the least) chance of winning at least £1 on a scratch card. Many Bettson players have come away considerably richer than that – and customer testimonials are abundant to prove this!

We’d thoroughly recommend Bettson for players both new and old – the games never get old and the cash just keeps on flowing. So look no further for a great place to play in the UK: you’ve found it at Bettson!