Scratch cards, also known as scratch off or scratch out tickets, are one of the newer developments in online gaming. While lotteries have been prominent worldwide since ancient history, the scratch card was invented in the 1970s by several American computer scientists. It brought to life a revolutionary concept: the instant lottery, with instant gratification.

One of the first scratch-off lottery tickets, called The Instant Game, was launched by the Massachusetts State Lottery in the mid 1970s. Many national and state lottos caught on quickly and began to offer scratch off games. A turning point at which scratch cards became particularly popular was when AstroMed Inc , an American company based in Rhode Island, patented a Scratch Card in 1987.

Scratch cards have been used for several causes, including charities, federal associations, and as a means of advertising. Since these instant win cards are associated with such activities, they appeal to a broad audience worldwide.

Heading into the 21st century, the traditional printed scratch card seems to have become a thing of the past. Virtually an online lotto, online scratch games deliver instant cash in a more enticing and entertaining way than a conventional lottery or raffle.

In November 2005, Scratch.Net launched the first website dedicated solely to online scratchcards. Scratch.Net demonstrates the evolution of the scratch card from a simple scratch off ticket, to an online interactive scratch off game. The games’ fun and interactive features, as well as their simplicity and security, have contributed to the rise of Scratch.Net as the leader in online scratch games. Scratch.Net offers users to choose from an extensive variety of games, like slot machines, poker king, fishing, horse racing, shopping, and bingo.