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A Hippodrome was an ancient Greek horse racing stadium. The name Hippodrome literally means “horse race” and the Greeks watched their favorite heroes compete in death defying races of horses and chariots. Fortunately, the premium scratch card website is bringing back the Hippodrome. The name of the game is, of course, ‘Hippodrome’ but instead of watching racers compete, you can get in on the action and win real cash prizes.

Playing Hippodrome couldn’t be easier either. Instead of having to assemble a team of race horses and racers, simply creating a free account at in only a few moments is your entry pass to this game. After creating your free account (it is simple and only requires a valid email address), just log into the website and head over to the ‘Sports Scratch’ section. Inside you will find Hippodrome along with other fun scratch card games like ‘World Champions,’ ‘Gone Fishing,’ ‘Goal Kick’ and ‘100m Champion’ to name only a few. Plus, they are all free to play.

After clicking on Hippodrome and your computer loads the game in a new window, you will be able to play. You will notice that you can choose your card price with the ‘+’ and ‘-’ arrows at the lower center of the screen. When playing for real cash prizes, these arrows and the card prices that they determine decide how big of a jackpot you play for. Maximum prizes range from $2,500 when you play $0.25 cards all the way up to $100,000 when you play the $10 cards. Plus, you can also play with $0.50, $1, $2, and $5 cards too. And you can even decide to play up to eight cards at once to maximize your chances!

Enough of the boring stuff though (if you think $100,000 is boring)–let me teach you how to play. Clicking the yellow button labeled with a horse shoe and the word ‘Play’ on it gets you started after you have set your card price and number of cards to play. The gates holding the anxious horses back open up and they zoom down the track. Each horse is labeled with a color and after they finish their race, their finishing place is marked on the screen. The scratch ticket you play is automatically scratched away to reveal the winning places and horses. If you are lucky enough to be holding a virtual ticket with a horse on it matched to the place the racing horses finish in, you win! Of course, it is possible to match more than one horse at a time all the way up to all eight. But it only takes one to win a prize.

Besides just the thrill of watching the horses race and winning that Hippodrome offers, there are more than 70 unique scratch based games on With such a large selection of different themed games, you will find more than a couple that you simply love. Fortunately, they are neatly organized into categories like ‘Most Popular,’ ‘Fantasy Scratch,’ ‘Sports Scratch,’ ‘Casino Scratch,’ and even ‘Slots.’ That is right. even lets you play free online slot games besides just all of the fun scratch card games. Just like the scratch games, the slots offer the chance to win huge jackpots too.

Another great thing about is that right now the website is offering bonuses for just creating an account. That’s right. You will receive $5 for just signup up to play for free. That $5 is good for playing to win real jackpots. Plus, right now, is also offering a 100% matching bonus the first time you deposit in your quest for the big prizes. Why not get a piece of the free money?

Between the free play, the massive jackpots and the bonuses, it probably could not get any better. But it does. also is dedicated to your privacy. Because the website uses industry standard encryption and firewall technology to keep all of your personal information (and your winnings) safe, you never have to worry. The last thing anyone wants is to worry while having fun online.

Also, is dedicated to the concept of Fair Gaming, offers 24/7 technical support and cares about your gaming experience. Having been in business for five years and being a licensed and registered corporation requires a level of commitment and honesty to its customers that is difficult to match. There is a reason that is one of the premium scratch card gaming websites online. The name of the game is Hippodrome, so go out there and have some fun while the horses race!