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Scratch cards have their own appeal because they give out instant wins compared to the long drag of traditional lottery games. Just like any other form of gambling, people basically play scratch games for cash and since these cards are generally quite cheap, players can afford to buy more in the hopes of winning that jackpot. This is also the case for scratch card gaming websites such as Scratch.Net and

In essence, the odds of getting a winning scratch card is 1 in 5. In every 5 cards purchased, there is 1 carrying the prize. This is quite alright if you’ve got a lot of money to burn. There are some scratch cards valued at 20 or even 30 dollars but they do have a larger payout than most that can amass to millions of dollars. There are also a lot of scratch off lotteries offering higher overall odds for those more expensive scratch cards.

Playing scratch cards is really quite putting it all to luck but it helps to do a little research and scouting as well. Know more about your local state lottery. Gather some information from it through the advertisements and through the internet as well. There are quite a number of scratch card games to choose from and each have their own statistics and odds. It is good to consider the price of the cards, the probability of getting even just a simple payout as well as the big rewards. You should also know that even if the scratch cards have the same price, they do not have the same odds. Even after weighing all those options, it really all falls on selecting the fated scratch card.

Of course, it is generally considered a “jackpot” if you’ve won millions of dollars but you do not really get it all in an instant. It’s not like those other lotteries where winners get this huge, fat cardboard cheque. Most scratch card jackpots are paid off in installments that could take months or even years to finish. This serves well for the winner since he can be assured that he will continue to enjoy his winnings long after that very lucky day. You do win instantly but you do not get the winnings as a whole instantly.

Another consideration before spending some money on scratch cards is to know, or in some cases, guess, if the top prize is still being offered. There are some that still promote and sell scratch cards even when the top prizes have already been won. It helps to know if the big jackpot is still available as it would produce better odds. If it is not, the odds of winning what’s left is almost next to nothing. If that is the case, it would just be a waste of money to buy such scratch cards. You’re in a fix if the place you live in does not give out information on the prizes won. Such is the case in Canada where people still keep on buying the scratch cards even when the top prize has already claimed. Be sure to keep informed for monitoring purposes if you really wish to reap in the rewards of scratch card games.
It really would be the sweetest thing in the world to win that big jackpot right away on your very first card. But that’s not always the case. It might help to keep track of how much you have spent on dud scratch cards and how much you’ve won on winning cards. Make a budget stating how much you’re willing to spend on these cards and of course, stick by it at all times. Limits are there for good measure to keep you from chasing after your loses. As the saying goes, “You win some. You lose some.”

Now with the advent of the digital age, even the basically low tech scratch card game has been made high tech and more colorful, so to speak. There are a lot of online scratch card gaming websites available in the internet right now but the mechanics are still pretty much the same. It is just more automated than before. Just click on the area and the prize is revealed. Winning is still just as instant and the odds are still quite present.

An example of such websites is Scratch.Net. It is one of the most popular online scratch card gaming websites where every third card you play wins and there are games where you can win $100,000 or even a million dollars. These virtual scratch cards can be as cheap as $0.10 while some are valued at $10. Of course, the higher priced cards have a larger payout than the cheaper ones. Current winners are posted in the home page of the site. To have a feel for the games and play out the odds, there is the Practice Play mode.