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The simple and humble scratch card has brought riches and jackpots to many people all over the world. All that needs to be done is to simply scratch off the concealing substance to reveal the winning combination or prize. Winning is that easy and instant. And now, with the growth of the internet’s potential use, the game has crossed over and many online versions of the game have been uploaded online, making the chance to win even greater. was the first major online scratch card site created for the online community. It was founded in 2005 by Neogames, a very trusted name when it comes to online gambling. It has become the world’s biggest and number one site scratch cards and scratch off tickets. It features over sixty games and more are added almost monthly. The games are programmed in Flash to simulate the scratch card game experience on a computer. is illustrated in a blue motif with minimal flash going around the home page. It is fairly easy to navigate through the site. The site is viewable in many languages as seen by the clickable country flags placed on top of the home page. The currency also depends on the country chosen. It also has a number payment methods to choose from.

The game play can start from the get go in by clicking on any of the flash banners on the home page. Then, a separate window will appear and the game will be loaded. Play can be chosen between “Real Money Play” or “Free Practice Play”. After choosing, a form will be displayed to sign up for an account. The signing up is easy and the account is ready for usable after completion. There is no need for an activation email. The account can be used right away to log in and begin playing.

The games in are sorted by the following categories: Most Popular, Fantasy Scratch, Sports Scratch, Casino Scratch and Slots. After choosing a specific game, another quick loading screen appears. There are helpful popups as guides as colorful, almost casino-like music plays in the background. Depending on the game chosen, the purchased cards are usually available in values of $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00. Bigger prizes are of course given for higher-priced tickets. After purchasing the card, simply click “Play” to start playing.

One of the popular games featured in is “3Wow”. The player can win in a tic-tac-toe combination and there is even a win multiplier, x2 or x5. If the three values are placed next to one another, it is also a winning combination. Game play can be sped up by the “Scratch All” or played automatically by the “Autoplay” feature. The jackpot of this game can reach up to a million dollars where the winner can be paid in monthly installments of $5,500 for fifteen years. The prize can also be received as a one off lump sum of $250,000.

Winnings and balance are displayed in the Cashier icon by the bottom left side of the window. The amount shown there indicates how much money is available in the online account to be able to continue playing and deposit or cash out money to or from the account balance.

Playing scratch cards in is real and genuine only if, of course, real money is used. Signing up for an account entitles the player free $5 to play around with and no initial deposits are required. An eventual cash deposit will be necessary to be able to buy more scratch games and play more games to win more money. There is a match up bonus when making that first deposit to double the chances of winning the game jackpot. Also, when inviting a friend and having the friend join the site and deposit $25, the player gets $25 as well. Another promotion of is its own exclusive membership group, the Club Pearl. The club ensures highest quality of online gaming experience for all memebers. There are higher chances of earning special perks and benefits that improve over time. Club members are given a range of benefits from extra generous bonuses, faster withdrawals, and even a personal account manager. It features access to elite promotions, better deposit deals, exclusive games, contests, tournaments and raffles. is a safe and secure online scratch game site. It uses the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology. This ensures that sensitive data is transferred safely over the internet to the secure server, which is, in turn, protected by the latest firewall. The security is pretty obvious as seen in the “HTTPS” fronting the URL of the game popup window. The player’s personal information is kept confidential and protected. It is not shared with other organizations for any kind of commerical means.

An affiliate of is Scratch.Net.The site is also ran and developed by Neogames. It has the same features, payment methods and security features. Give Scratch.Net a try as well for a fun and rewarding online scratch card game experience just like in