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Ever heard or read the term ‘scratch and win?’ You may be a little skeptical or apprehensive to the idea. After all, it sounds too easy. How is it possible to really just scratch and win? If you ask that question then you must not have been introduced to scratch games. Scratch games (also called scratchies, scratch-it, instant lotteries and scratch offs) are the real deal.

The way that these scratch games work is simple. A computer randomly prints winning spots on the tickets and then a special coating is applied on top. The coating prevents anyone from seeing if the ticket is a winner without playing it. Remove the coating is actually pretty simple. You can scratch it off with your fingernail or a penny to reveal the result.

Fortunately, as the popularity of these scratch and win games keeps rising, several options have become available.  Governments issue their own scratch and win games. There are also other options you should keep in mind as well. Many people decide to play these games online.

While it might at first seem impossible to scratch and win online, it is not. Of course, since you can’t physically scratch a ticket on your computer, your mouse is a handy substitute for your fingernail. With most of these online versions, you simply click on the spots on your digital ticket you want to scratch and then the computer handles the rest.  Now you do not have to worry about getting anything stuck under their nails again!

Scratch cards are relatively new inventions that have received a technological makeover with the rise in popularity. Internet-based scratch and win games offer quite a few advantages over their paper counterparts. Perhaps the greatest one is that paper is not wasted. Just think of how many trees are cut down from traditional scratch and win games. Not only do online scratch and win games offer the luxury of letting you play anywhere you have a computer and the internet, they are friendlier to the environment than the old way of playing.

It gets better. Online scratch cards are not only the most environmentally friend way to play, they also save you time. Just think of how much time it takes to pick tickets from the store. When you want to play, you often do not want to go out to get them. Why not cut down on the hassle and just play online? When you play online, you always have a wide variety of options available no matter what time of the day.

One option for scratch and win gaming is The site not only has excellent customer service and support, it also has literally dozens of different ways to play (more than 70 the last time I checked). It’s pretty hard to get bored with more than 70 ways to play. How many different traditional scratch games are available where you live? I’m guessing far less than what is available at

As scratch cards become more popular, it is important to understand the different ways to play. Traditional, paper based scratch games certainly have had their time in the sun. Now it’s time for their high-tech online cousins to bring home the fun.

Besides the advantages I already listed, online scratch and win sites like have security features that simply cannot be matched. You never have to worry about losing your winning tickets, or have to fret about one being stolen. Your winnings and personal information are stored behind industry-standard encryption that keeps you and your jackpots safe and secure.

While it is quite understandable to be apprehensive when trying something new for the first time, wants to help you get into the action. That’s why it offers the chance to play for free. That’s right. I said free. You can spend countless hours playing lots of great scratch card games on the site without paying for anything or entering anything more than your email address and username. If you eventually decide that you want to get in on the money, then you can quickly switch your account into a real-play mode and start racking up the winnings.

Why aren’t you scratching to win right now? Sign-up now and see how easy it is to scratch your way to prizes up to $200,000. I guarantee that you will find a game on the site that gives you the rush that scratch cards are famous for. Don’t take my word for it though. Head over to and find out for yourself.