Jackpot Joy is the Queen of bingo- if you deposit £10 now then they will triple it, giving you a total of £30- that’s £20 for free! When you see that over £4 million was won just yesterday, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.

And you can play the games for free- at JackpotJoy they’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to find all your favourite games – which is why they’ve designed so many easy to use features to help make your life as easy as possible. You can win cash for free with the Daily Free Games or try them out on the Demo Mode – and make sure you subscribe to their newsletters for all the latest special offers, because you wouldn’t want to miss out on a deal.

Just click on the sidebar and you’ll see an ever-growing list of winners right there before your very eyes. There’s no reason why you couldn’t be the next success story, pictured holding a massive cheque with a smile stretching across your face.

And once you get in on the fun, you’ll be unable to resist telling your friends all about it and then of course you’ll receive a referral bonus of £10 just for telling your friends about what a great time you’re having. It’s as simple as that.

So what are you waiting for, there’s an untapped fortune just waiting to be mined at Jackpot Joy.

 We asked Martin to review the site:

In terms of a full online casino, Jackpotjoy has come to be widely regarded as one of the very best out there. With the site’s enormous range of games and status as a leader in the online gaming industry, you can be sure that you’ll have a really great time when you play at Jackpotjoy! Your information is, of course, kept super safe behind multiple layers of encryption and never meddled with – so why not drop in today and try your luck on the slots, blackjack or maybe a little poker? With a massive 200% joining bonus, you can’t go wrong!

As soon as you hit the splash page at the front of the site, you can tell it’s been engineered flawlessly. Bright colours and a friendly theme catch the eye, as does Britain’s favourite queen of comedy (and of course the Queen Vic) Barbara Windsor. There she stands, proudly adorned in her royal outfit, inviting you in to have a little fun and spend a little of your disposable income! And why not? There are of far less glamorous ways to get rid of your hard earned cash… Rolling a little at Jackpotjoy is (in our esteemed opinion) much more exciting than sitting in your car in the pouring rain, scratching off the silver squares with an old penny!

One thing you’ll notice immediately at the site is that quite a few of the games are based on TV shows – all the old favourites are there, including Deal or No Deal. There are plenty of familiar “face” too – remember Crazy Fruits? How about Bejweled – that fantastically addictive online game can now win you real money! So no more “saving the world one jewel at a time” – you really could pull a new car out of it at Jackpotjoy! Enjoy roulette? Great – you’re in the right place! How about bingo? Jackpotjoy is known for its excellent selection of bingo rooms in which it really is possible to win a substantial amount of money…

If you love making new friends with the same interest as you, consider yourself blessed at Jackpotjoy – their chat rooms are chock full of enthusiastic people ready to strike up a conversation. It’s a friendly place to hang out and swap stories as you throw a little caution to the wind and take a chance! You can even go shopping: why not take a new friend to the Jackpotjoy store and buy a little something as a souvenir of a great night in? The casino has got to be one of the most exciting places to hang out online; you might find yourself with a semi-permanent smile on your face that’ll have people asking questions the next day…

Jackpotjoy claims to be “the home of the biggest jackpots” – and that’s no lie. Not only do they have the awesome 200% joining bonus mentioned earlier, they also boast some of the biggest payouts in online gaming history. Take for example the case of Kelly D, a British player who won £543,627 playing Deal or No Deal on the site back in 2010! That’s half a million – enough to allow Kelly to buy a new house, a new car and other luxuries outright that people usually have to make payments on. All that from a “no deal” answer to a £57 payout… Who knows, you could be next – someone has to be! With winners featured on the left and success stories posted all over the internet, it’s impossible not to see the potential of having a little flutter on this great site!

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