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There is a thrill as you scratch away the concealer on a scratch card in the hopes of winning that jackpot. To the pessimist, the possibility may seem far-fetched at times but you really do get excited while playing these scratch cards. You can’t deny that even in all its simplicity, its quite an enjoyable form of gambling. Now that technology is getting even more and more advanced, even the humble scratch card got a digital makeover. You no longer need a coin or use your fingernail to scratch away on these cards. All you have to do now is simply click on your mouse and play away. There a lot of scratch card gaming websites available in the internet right now.

Popular examples are Scratch.Net and from developing company Neogames. These sites offer a variety of scratch card games from the simple scratch off type to slots among others. The games are presented in Adobe Flash format and made even more colorful and interactive than ever before. There are cool sounds and visual effects as you play along.

To join in on the action, you need to sign up for an account first but this is very easy and swift in the two sites mentioned above. Just click on the “Play Now” banner in the homepage and in a separate but secure window, you will be taken to the games lobby. Before you can select any games, you are asked to pick a game mode. Real Money Play is, of course, playing for real and winning for real as well. For first-timers, you’ll get $5 for free without even any deposits once you’ve signed up for an account. But if you wish to try out the games for free and only for fun, click on Free Practice Play. Selecting either of the two game modes will prompt you to sign up for an account and once you’re done registering to the site, you can start playing right away. There’s none of that activation email you’ll have to sort through. Just like winning is instantaneous, playing is also quite quick.

Now, the single-most edge online scratch card games have over the old school version is really the free practice games. You can’t practice on the real scratch cards as playing them requires you to purchase them with real money. With virtual scratch cards, you can play them as much as you want, for as long as you want without any guilt or burden. You get the chance of getting a feel for the games on the site and weighing out the odds of winning that top prize. Of course, if you’re that serious gamer, you can always switch to Real Money Play once you’ve had enough information about the game. But if you’re that someone who’s had enough of blackjack or someone who’s found poker a little too boring lately, you can always try playing scratch cards and see if you could select the right card or get that winning combination.

Free online scratch card games is pretty much a standard for every scratch card gaming website out there in the internet. It’s a good marketing strategy to entice potential players into joining to the site. After you’ve had your fill of free practice play, you might start thinking about playing for real because you’ve realized how easy it is to win with these virtual scratch cards. With the probability of winning for every third card you play coupled with a 90% payout, it is really quite enticing to use real cash to cash in real money.
You’ve tried out all the games in the site while in free practice play and found the one game you fancy. You’ve switched to Real Money Play mode. To be safe, you start out with the cheapest card. Even a ten cent scratch card can yield up to $100,000. The prospects are really quite tempting.

Playing those free online scratch card games is really quite something. It’s great for those just passing the time or for those who are scouting for the best odds before taking the plunge. In contrast with traditional scratch cards, if you really wish to play, you take the plunge right then and there. You have to go through great lengths to know where you stand with your card or even to get your winnings. For the online version, you play and play continuously until your play money runs out just to get your feet wet with the mechanics of the game and the odds you’re up against. Once you’ve gained some confidence, you can start playing for keeps. Who knows? Your luck on the Free Practice Play mode might translate over the Real Money Play mode. It is surely a good idea to get a grasp of the game first before stepping out any further. Visit Today!