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The future of scratch card gaming is online. These online games offer the same thrill as playing with old-fashioned, physical scratch cards and provide added convenience. One such website that offers these online games is PrimeScratchCards (

Prime Scratch Cards offers a way to get into all of the excitement and fun that scratch cards can provide. It pays real cash prizes and is simple to sign up for and use. Even better, a bonus is automatically available if you join.

One nice thing about PrimeScratchCards is that the site uses encryption to ensure that your personal information is safe and secure. When you play, a little padlock icon appears in the upper right corner of the window on your computer so you know that you are protected. The padlock icon means that industry-standard, 128bit encryption is activated, making sure that all information sent back and forth between your computer and the website cannot be intercepted or read. The technology is comparable to what banks and eBay use, so while you are playing, you never have to worry.

As for the scratch card games available on PrimeScratchCards, there are more than 50 games available, including a mix of traditional styled ones and all new ones that would be impossible to play with a paper scratch card. With so many different games available, you are sure not to get bored anytime soon. You also no longer have to leave your house to get in on the fun. It can be difficult to make time to travel to the store to pick up a new set of scratch cards, or to even find the time to go back to cash them in when you win. Thanks to modern technology, sites like PrimeScratchCards solve those problems.

However, there are alternatives to PrimeScratchCards. One of these alternatives is is currently not only matching the signup bonus that is available through PrimeScratchCards, but also has a bonus of 100% available when you signup to play for real money. Oh, did I mention that lets you play for free also? That’s right—you can get your scratch card fix for absolutely free. also offers a variety of not only online-based, traditional scratch and win games, but also an assortment of new ones with modern twists and online slot machine games. Games like Super 3Wow! are an example of classic-styled scratch games, but innovative ones like Love Birds let you match your scratch tickets to fun things like lovers sitting on a bench in the park (online of course). Other games like HiLow54 offer even more different ways to play and win. Since prizes of up to $200,000 are offered, there are so many ways to become a winner.

Since there are so many different ways to play at, you might be wondering what other features the website has. Well first of all, it too uses that industry-standard encryption that I spoke about earlier. All debit and credit transactions through the site are handled through a fully licensed, registered and incorporated third party company so you know that your money is always safe. Furthermore, features the concept of fair gaming and believes in the principle of “CARE.” CARE means “Customers Are Really Everything,” and to make sure that you, as the customer are always happy, the site offers a 24/7 support to assist you if you ever have a problem or question.

Besides these features to keep your experience a positive one, has had a long of winners. Far, far too many to list here. In fact, you can play exactly same games as these winners have with the same odds as they did.
If you enjoy excitement and have some extra free time on the computer (we all do), then there is no excuse to not try out online gaming. The options available now are better than they have ever been. Regardless of which site you choose to use for your gaming, just remember to pick one that encrypts your information, offers customer support, and makes you feel comfortable. If you are not comfortable on a site, then don’t play. It’s as simple as that.

PrimeScratchCards is an excellent site, but keep in mind that alternatives like offer additional bonuses. No matter how you decide to play, we could all use a bonus once in a while. So what are you waiting for? Stop worrying about losing your scratch tickets and start playing in style from the comfort of your home. Signing up for sites like these are easy and who knows, you just might win yourself a pretty nice jackpot. Have fun gaming!