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Start playing with 888ladies and get a £25 Welcome Bonus. You’ll receive £5 free upon registration and another £20 free on your first deposit. Win up to £50k for a £1 bet when you buy £1 cards for the £50,000 game.  There are so many ways to win at 888ladies.com and a dizzying number of promotions, giveaways and bonuses you’d be crazy not to have a go.

If you invite a friend to play it’s cash for you and cash for your friend- It’s as simple as that. You get £5 totally free when you bring a friend to 888ladies.com Simply fill out your friend’s details and we’ll send them an email with all the info they need. Your friend just needs to register and you’ll get £5 absolutely free! Your friend will get the fabulous £25 Welcome Bonus as well as an extra £2 because you invited them, that’s £27 to play straight away. They can also start enjoying all the sparkly treats that we like to sprinkle on our 888ladies every day. So bring your friends round, there’s fun and treats for everyone!

Yesterdays winnings were over £8000,000- a truly massive sum of money. Shouldn’t a piece of that be yours? Well, it can be as soon as you sign up and start playing one of the many fun games at 888ladies.com

George reviewed the site:

If you’re sick of all the “samey” sites out there who promise the same thing, over and over again, take a look at the 888Ladies site and compare what they have to offer against the competition: we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Gone is the predictable façade and in its place is an array of freshness. Thank goodness for variety in the online gaming world!

First of all you’ll notice a very decent welcome bonus – much better than a myriad of other sites. Here, just for signing up, you’ll pocket a fabulous £25 instantly. You could use that to win a big bonus at a number of different games – incidentally, the Golden Ticket winner was recently announced on the site: the lady in question won £52,000, which is certainly a life-changing amount of money. The next big winner could be you!

If, after the initial £25 you discover you really like 888Ladies (and we’d be surprised if you didn’t), you can play on and receive a number of different monetary bonuses, potentially making you significantly richer. Invite a friend, for example, and get a neat little £5 added to your account when they accept. If you “grandfather them in” so to speak (very Masonic, we know) they get an extra £2 on top of their initial £25 bonus – so it works for everyone! Since the site works on the fair play principle, it’s not that the company necessarily want to make money – since they need to maintain a payout ratio of over 95% – rather a case of “the more, the merrier” as extra people add extra fun!

So you’d be well advised to tell your friends and neighbours about this place: they’re sure to have fun as well. The bonuses don’t end there, though. You’ve heard of deposit matching, right? Then listen to this: rather than the more traditional 100% bonus you get from other sites, 888Ladies will give you a whopping 200%! So, factor in the £25 free money you get when you sign up and just for depositing £10, you could wind up playing with £55! If that’s not value for money, we don’t know what is.

The fun doesn’t end there either – have a blast playing 888Ladies’ vast collection of slots, scratch cards, Bingo games and poker (and more) and win huge prizes depending on the day of the week. At the weekends, their newsletter will tell you what’s shaking – and usually it’s smashing! There are often events with up to £1500 in prizes up for grabs – plus a monthly Bingo tournament in which £3000 is given away! If you find you need a bit more playing money, you’ll also discover that 888Ladies will match any further deposits 50%, which is almost unheard of.

There are huge wins each and every day over at 888Ladies, too. If you want to see who’s won lately, simply click on the winners tab at the top of the screen and you’ll find an up-to-date list of all the latest lucky people. If you want to check out the jackpots up for grabs, hit the appropriate tab and you’ll be taken to a page on which you can see the daily outgoings. If you go to the community page, you’ll begin to grasp just how hands-on the 888Ladies team really are and how dedicated their players are too, as they share recent events, personal testimonials and winner stories to fill you with that warm fuzzy feeling.

So go ahead, register with 888Ladies today and go play their great Flash based games and Bingo tournaments yourself – let the staff give you a lovely big welcoming (and bonus laden) virtual hug!