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Hopa.com is one of the biggest Scratch Card sites in the world, offering incentives and freebies left, right and centre as well as a massive jackpot of £1,000,000- why not sign up and try your luck? With last month’s winnings in the tens of millions – it could be you today!

Hopa.com unarguably has excellent customer service policies, it’s just one reason why they’ve become so popular. As soon as you sign up, they offer a fantastic free gift of £5 to play with – just to help get you started on the site. No deposit is necessary – see for yourself! Also they’ll throw an extra £20 your way for every additional person that you bring to their site.  Scratch.Net recommends Hopa very highly, we currently rate them number 1 for online scratchcards and you can activate all these great free gifts and incentives by simply clicking here to visit the site.  You can have a go on dozens of games without spending a penny- there is no commitment whatsoever.

You’ll find that the site is well laid out and easy to navigate your way around, the games load very quickly- which is a must if you’re in any way impatient and just want to get stuck into the action. If it’s your first time scratching on line, don’t worry, you’re going to find it very user-friendly and just as enthralling, but with the added convenience of being able to have a flutter from your laptop or smartphone.

Conveniently, there’s the option to scratch off everything at once so you can to the next game or to tease it out slowly maximising the drama, tension and excitement of the moment. But with the potential of massive winnings and a 95% pay-out rate it might be difficult to hold back. Especially due to the fact that every third scratch is a guaranteed win- odds that are difficult to beat anywhere. See here for details!

There’s all the old favourites to play here like Slot 777, Lucky Charms, Golden Fortune and Happy Birthday as well as a whole host of new favourites, all broken down into clear categories so you can home in on exactly what kind’ve game you like or try out something different as the mood takes you. And whenever a new game is released it’ll be accompanied by special offers and bonuses to get you to have a go- and why not?

All payments are made securely and needless to say all personal information is kept private and confidential. Hopa.com is also committed to providing fair play at all times, based upon the fundamental principal of mutual prosperity- if you win they win.

So what are you waiting for? Your potential winnings are just a click and a scratch away- just remember to play responsibly- that way you can keep it fun!

Jenny went out to meet the Hopa team recently:

To the Hopa.com team, Customers Really Are Everything – which is why they use the acronym “C.A.R.E” in reference to their customer service policy. You’ll find they’re not lying – Hopa really does treat its customers like gold. With a generous £5 gift to get you started, easy-to-follow instructions that’ll have you scratching away like an old pro in no time at all, you’re bound to find yourself really enjoying yourself on this site! Refer a friend and the cash starts piling up – £20 for every person you refer, once they’re made an initial deposit in their account (above £20) – so get on your soap box and start talking about it!


While you certainly should play responsibly and get help if you believe you are dealing with a gambling problem, the incentives to play at Hopa.com are enormous and certainly make it significantly cheaper to try your luck. Who knows – the next big winner could be you, and given that they’re registered and licensed in Malta, you can be sure that they won’t just take off with your money. Every third scratch card is guaranteed to win – and they need to maintain a 95% payout rate, so if that doesn’t make your day, nothing will!

The games at Hopa are Flash based and very smooth indeed – certainly professional and quick to load. There are a number of different ways to play the regular scratch off games, including scratching line by line and scratching the whole thing off at once. It really just depends if you’re the impatient type or not… If you really wanted to go crazy, you could alternate methods – or choose your very own scratch off ritual (let’s face it, we all do it)!

You’ll be reassuringly familiar with many of the games on the site – games like Monte Carlo, Bingo Bonanza, Royal Slots, Disco Keno, and 7th Heaven are all on the roster over at Hopa. So your old favourites will probably be hanging around somewhere on the gaming platform. Then, of course, you’ll find yourself drawn to newer games – speaking of which, when there are new ones launched, you’ll find a whole host of special offers, free gaming and bonus offers displayed to tempt you into having a go at the “brand new baby” on the site! It’s a really awesome way to try out something different and be rewarded for it too.

Among the slots, poker, scratch cards and other casino games, you’ll also find bingo and exciting raffles! Buy a few tickets and enter to see if you qualify for any of the amazing prizes given out on a daily basis – which include cash, holidays and other valuable items! If you don’t win it big (up to £5000) with your initial free £5 deposit, you can also take advantage of their 100% first-deposit-matching bonus and play double the amount of games you’d normally be able to! Naturally, Fair Play rules apply (or you’d be able to just walk away with the deposit bonus) so you do need to wager about 20 times the amount you deposit to cash out – but that probably won’t be as hard as you think, since you’ll win at least every third time – and sometimes you’ll win more than you lose!

One of the biggest online scratch card sites developed for the gamers is Hopa.com. It was developed by the company Neogames in 2005 and it is the home for many scratch cards and scratch off ticket gamers. It boasts over seventy fun games and more are included in the roster almost every month. The games are in Adobe Flash platform and designed to recreate the experience of playing scratch cards on a computer.

If you want to win that big jackpot, the easy way to go is the simple and cheap scratch card. All you have to do is to just scratch off the concealer and see if you’ve won the prize. It’s really that easy to win. With the advent and advancement of today’s technology, the scratch card game as been made high tech for many online users. This is the purpose of Hopa see?.

Give Hopa.com a visit and you’ll see the sea theme and minimal flash in its home page. Navigating around the site is quite easy. The site is viewable in many different languages by clicking the various country flags at the top right side of the home page. The currency of the money played depends on the country selected. There are also a lot of payment methods to choose from.

Playing the scratch card games in Hopa.com is quick and easy by clicking on the flash banners in the home page. The games lobby will then be loaded in a separate window. After selecting a game, you are prompted to choose either “Real Money Play” or “Free Practice Play”. By then, you will be asked to fill up the registration form. Signing up for an account is really quite easy and once you’re done, you can play right away. No more of those annoying activation emails.

The game categories that are available now are Most Popular, Fantasy Scratch, Sports Scratch, Casino Scratch and Slots. Once you’ve chosen a specific game, another quick loading screen will appear. There are hints and pop ups to guide you along the game. Each game has its own background theme and background music. The scratch cards are generally valued at by $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00. Purchase a card and click on the “Play” button to start the game.

Found under the Most Popular game tab in Hopa.com is “3Wow” where the objective of the game is to get three identical prices. The three prices could be on any part of the card, whether in a tic-tac-toe combination or just next to one another, as long as they are identical. Win multipliers are also there, either x2 or x5. To speed up the game play, just click on the “Scratch All” button. To play the game hands free, just click on the “Autoplay” feature. The top prize of “3Wow” is a million dollars that will be paid in monthly installments of $5,500 in a span of fifteen years. The prize can also be received as a once off lump sum of $250,000.

The Cashier icon displays your winnings as well as your account balance. The icon is found by the bottom left side of the window. It is a requirement to have a maintaining balance to be able to play the games in Real Money Play mode.

Playing in Hopa.com is truly rewarding only if real money is used in purchasing the scratch cards. One of the great offers in the site is the free $5 after a successful registration and it doesn’t even need an initial deposit but of course, cash deposits are necessary to buy even more scratch cards and play more games to keep on winning. Another promotion available EXCLUSIVELY is the match up bonus after making that first deposit to the site. After placing $60 to your account, you’ll also get a matching $60 and thus your chances of winning more is doubled. Inviting your friend over to join the site will also earn you money. Once your friend makes a $25 deposit, you’ll also get a matching $25 credited to your account. The exclusive membership club of Hopa.com, Club Pearl, offers a variety of benefits and perks to enhance your scratch card gaming experience.

You do not need to worry about safety and security in Hopa.com as it has the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology. This ensures that sensitive date is safely transferred over the network to the fire walled secure server. If you see that “HTTPS” fronting the URL of the game window, you’ll know that you are protected. You can be sure that even your personal information will never be leaked to other companies.

Hopa.com is a great site for those scratch card enthusiasts and gamblers alike. There are so many features to make your gaming experience interactive, fun and rewarding. With the Hopa.com free sign up, you have access to endless joy of that scratch card jackpot!