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MegaMoneyGames.com was founded with the vision of providing simply the perfect place for fun and fast scratch card and lottery games online. They spent the first few years finding the best game developers who not only had the talent and eye for design but also a competitive and creative edge. With that mix they are able to bring players the best games complete with crisp graphics, fast-paced action and fun and unique themes. Much like an artisanal kitchen everything is done in-house from conception to construction to communication. That means they will never pass the buck on a question you might have or a problem you might encounter. There literally isn’t anything they can’t answer and anything they can’t fix.

There’s also a 15% alternative payments extra bonus. Which means that every time you use one of the many alternative payment methods (methods to deposit that exclude direct credit card purchases), they’ll add an instant 15% bonus to your account. This not only offsets the fees that some of these payment methods charge (usually around 5%-7%) but it’s also an added reward every time you deposit. You not only get to enjoy the added convenience of an alternative payment method, you also get to enjoy the extra cash!

Finally, it would be remiss if we didn’t mention the $30 reward for every friend you bring to MegaMoneyGames.com As soon as  you start spreading the wealth and invite your friends to enjoy the awesome games and endless cash prizes they will give you more cash to play with. Simply fill out the short form provided on the site in order to invite your friends today!  We love Mega Money Games here at Scratch.Net and I think you will too!