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They say purple is the colour of Royalty – and they have a good point: the purple interface of the Slots&Games website certainly makes a “Royal impression” when you first land there! The good stuff doesn’t end after that first impression either – it just gets better. With more perks than you can shake a stick at, this well designed, sumptuous website is certainly worth a visit – and probably a spot on your favourites list as well! Go ahead, win a million – people do, here…

If you need to take a tour before signing up, go ahead – the site is well laid out and really easy to navigate as well as being supremely pretty to look at! Meet the team who serve you every day, by clicking on the Club Diamond link. There, you’ll also find details on how to join this esteemed group of Slots&Games “seniors – who get a whole host of lovely extras, including faster withdrawals, extra bonus cash on deposits, special promotions, exclusive games, competitions and giveaways! So it goes without saying that this is a club you definitely want to be a part of!

Mind you, there’s a process to go through fist before you become eligible to join Club Diamond (and to get your very own VIP account rep) – so first, have a bit of fun with the site and see which games suit you best. There are a large number of them to choose from, and all are presented in a slick Flash format, making them really nice to interact with and extremely fun to play. You’ll be familiar with a number of the titles – but perhaps not the modern ways they’re presented. Other games will most likely be new to you; they’re always creating new ones, as well, so you’ll never find yourself in the least bit bored. If you sign up, you’ll get notifications when the “newbies” are released, along with incentives to play!

So, apart from games (like Macau Nights in which you really can win £1,000,000), what is there on Slots&Games to get really super excited about? A lot, actually. You can explore the site and all the games on it for free – but if and when you decide that real money is the way to go (and win), they offer a £5 start up bonus with which it is perfectly possible to win several thousand pounds.

After that, you’ll probably find yourself wanting to make a deposit: and when you do, you’ll get a 100% matchup bonus! What this means is that when you put money into your account, you’ll receive the same amount of money again from Slots&Games! For example, you put in £100; Slots&Games will match you and make your deposit £200 instantly! Yet more money to play with! Naturally, the rules of Fair Play apply, meaning you have to wager a certain amount before cashing out – but then if they didn’t, everyone would simply cash out and go home…

If you refer a friend to Slots&Games and they agree that it’s a fabulous site, you’ll get £25 free money put into your playing account! Naturally they get double their first deposit too – so everyone wins. There’s no limit on referrals, so get talking and recruit a few friends: you’ll make some money and all of you will have a ton of fun!