There’s a lot of gaming sites out there, but not all of them deliver the goods like Scratch2Cash. With discounts, bonuses and rewards doled out as soon as you sign up and a jackpot of $200,000 there is no better way to scratch and win online.  Have a little look!

Established in 2005, Scratch2Cash has maintained an exemplary record of security, privacy and consummate professionalism so that you can game online without a care in the world- other than whether you’re going to hit the Mother Load.

The incentives are right there on their homepage- a wonderfully high pay-out rate of 95%– which, just to clarify and make abundantly clear is 5% less that 100%. I know this is somewhat stating the obvious, but it’s such a high rate that it bears repeating. Add to that the fact that you’ll receive $5 upon joining for doing absolutely nothing and you can see why Scratch2Cash has maintained such a fantastic reputation in the online gaming community.

If that wasn’t reason enough to get excited about the home of the world’s number one scratch games then look a little deeper and you’ll see that they’ll also match your original deposit dollar for dollar. Again, this needs restating simply because of the unique brilliance of the offer- if you deposit $100 when you join you’ll have a whopping great $200 to play with, literally twice as much money to play with for doing absolutely nothing, surely doubling your chances and your potential winnings- or at the very least giving you twice as long to lose everything if you find yourself on a bit of a tilt!

It should be stated here that if you find yourself behaving compulsively or playing with money you can’t afford to lose or in any way feel that you’re developing a problem or addiction then the Scratch2Cash site has useful links to Gamblers Anonymous.  We want you to have fun playing, and hopefully get lucky!sign up for free today?

Marcus reviews the site:

scratch2cashThis site is one of those rare finds on the internet that actually does what it promises to do – offers excellent value for money and a reliable, friendly service while paying out what it is meant to! If you’ve ever been victim to a web scam – especially one in which your money was taken by a company which promised something but then never delivered, this site is going to be a sight for sore eyes! Scratch2Cash is registered and licensed in Malta – so it has to follow strict guidelines as far as fair play and paying out are concerned. What this means for you is a 95% payout ratio – or in other words, a one in three chance of winning!

There’s nothing worse than going down to the supermarket and getting a few paper scratchcards as a treat with your shopping, only to find them all completely worthless when you uncover the playing areas. With Scratch2Cash, you really are scratching for cash! Virtual scratching is so satisfying too – plus you don’t have anything to clean up or throw away! Every third card is a winner, as we mentioned above, so even if you’re having a really dreadful day, you can rest assured Scratch2Cash will make it that much better.

The good news continues as you move further into the site. The games are numerous and some of them might even be familiar to you! Well over sixty different Flash based games are available for your playing pleasure – some of which might be old favourites, some of which might be new and interesting to you. The key is to give them a try – don’t be afraid to experiment, because in the end, variety is the spice of life. The key to winning at scratch cards is keeping focused on games that you like to play – and knowing when to stop and take your bonus home!

If you reach a certain calibre on the site, you’ll find yourself eligible to join the exclusive members club, Club Pearl. You’ll get access to a dedicated rep to help you with all your questions, as well as incredible offers and discounts that don’t apply to regular members. You’ll also find yourself cashing out more quickly – generally it’s just a special place to be in the online gaming world…

We can’t end the review without talking about the amazing one-time sign up bonus you get from Scratch2Cash – a fat 100% of your initial deposit is matched by the company, leaving you with literally double the amount of money in your account to play with! That could give you a seriously improved chance of winning a very large amount of money – put £100 in your account and wind up with £200 to spend on your favourite games.

If you need some time to see if the site is right for you, Scratch2Cash offer $100 play money to start off with. That’ll give you ample opportunity to explore the site. If you want to have a little go for free, Scratch2Cash also offer a £5 free play to begin with – with which you can win up to £5000!

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