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The 100m sprint does not just have to be for world class athletes, it can also win you some pretty impressive jackpots when you play it as a scratch card game. The name of the game is ‘100m Champion’ and with payouts of up to $100,000, it can certainly be just as exciting the real thing. But how does running the 100m work out as a scratch card game? It just takes the excitement from watching sprinters and combines it with the thrill of scratch based gaming.

No, 100m Champion is not the old fashioned paper kind of scratch card games that you see at the store when you pick up a loaf of bred or a soda. This is online, and even better. Just think, there really is a way to get the fun and potential for winning big that the old fashioned scratch cards can provide, but without the inconveniences. You literally can play online games anywhere, at any time. You can’t do that when you play with paper scratch tickets. Of course, maybe the best part about 100m Champion is that it can be played for free.

To play 100m Champion for free, just head over to and create a free account. The account creation process only takes a few moments. After that, just log in. It really is that simple. You will find 100m Champion in the ‘Sports Scratch’ section of after you log in. Simply clicking on the game opens it on your computer for you to play.

On the left of the screen are all eight of the virtual runners that compete in the online scratch game. Unlike traditional, paper scratch cards, 100m Champion doesn’t revolve around scratch away mindlessly. Instead, the game focuses on the action–racing fun without the heat or the boring parts, all with the added bonus of real cash behind it.

After you choose a card price in the lower middle portion of the game screen, you simple click the ‘Play’ button to the right. The sprints start their mad dash to the finish line and the computer scratches away at your ticket for you to reveal your luck. Each of the runners are printed horizontally across your ticket in their winning orders. Hopefully, the sprinters in your game cross the finish line in the same order that they appear on your ticket. If there is a match among the eight sprinters and your ticket, then you are a winner.

Of course, your card price directly scales to your maximum jackpot amount by a factor of 100x. With card prices between $0.25 and $10, the jackpots range from a fat $2,500 to a huge $100,000. Plus, you can even play up to eight cards at once to increasing your winning potential by a factor of eight! There really are a ton of different ways to play and win at

Don’t just settle for 100m Champion though. There are more than 70 different scratch based games to play on right now. And they are free. Or if you decide that you want to try for some real cash prizes, the website also offers fast and easy deposit and cash out options so your money and fun are never tied up.

One player of 100m Champion–Carinne D.–landed a jackpot of more than $20,000 just this month. A lot more and a lot bigger cash prizes are available though. If sports themed games are what you are into, a lot of other options besides just 100m are also available. Check out games like ‘Hippodrome,’ ‘Ready Set Go,’ and ‘Goal Kick’ too, just to name a few. Or try casino or fantasy themed scratch games like ‘Scratch N Roll,’ or ‘Luck Eggs.’ Keep in mind that this is just a small selection of the games has ready to play for free right now.

Oh, and is even offering signup bonuses in addition to the free gaming. Think $5 just for making a free account. Or how about a matching 100% to your first deposit? really wants you to be a winner. Because when it comes to you, they want you to have fun and be happy.

Why aren’t you playing scratch games at right now? Besides just all of the fun that scratch cards offer, has even more. Fun games, fun themes, and big prizes. All from the comfort of your living room, bedroom or wherever the urge to have some excitement hits you. The prizes are really just the icing on the cake. It is the fun that these games offer that is the real jackpot joy. Remember, the name of the game is 100m Champion, and it is waiting for you at