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Ever go bowling? While that might sound like a silly question, just remember the fun you’ve had at the bowling alley in the past. The fun of being with friends, the joy of knocking over the pins, and ultimately the thrill of victory. That thrill is exactly what one of the best online scratch card games available harnesses, and adds to with the chance to win real cash prizes up to $100,000.

The name of the game is ‘Bowling’ and it is available now at the premium online gaming site, Bowling combines the best from both real bowling and scratch cards to create a unique scratch based game that will certainly entertain you for hours. It is even available to play for free right now at

Why online scratch cards? Because they are the wave of the future. They bring all the thrill and joy of winning big jackpots without the hassle. Why bowl when you can go Bowling?

Regular, old fashioned scratch tickets require you to travel to the store to purchase them. To play, you eventually have to clean up the mess they make when you scratch away to reveal if you won or lost. Besides that, they are also less safe and secure than their high-tech, online counterparts like offers. protects your privacy and personal information behind industry-standard encryption. When you play, you will never lose a winning ticket around the house, have to worry about it being stolen, or have to travel back to the store just to cash it in.

Without the problems that paper scratch cards have (who can blame them, they are pretty old after all), online scratch games like Bowling simply cannot be beat. So how to play Bowling? It is easier than you think. After creating a free account at in only a few moments and logging in to the website, you will be able to start playing immediately and for free.

After an account is created and you are logged into, the Bowling game is in the ‘Sports Scratch’ section. Besides just Bowling being there, there are also a lot of other fun sports themed scratch card games like ‘Darts,’ ‘100m Champion,’ ‘Splash Cash,’ and ‘Gone Fishing’ to name a few. Simply clicking a game opens it to play for free. Let’s take a closer look Bowling now so you know how to play.

When playing Bowling, you will notice how much unlike any traditional scratch card game it is. Instead of presenting a boring row of places to scratch off while hoping to win, Bowling puts you right in the middle of a game of bowling against a champion. Presented in front of you are three bowling lanes. A bowling ball rests on each in front of a lane full of pins. Displayed for all to see in the virtual bowling alley is the champion’s score that you have to beat. However, there is a catch. You can either click on the hidden score to scratch away and reveal your goal or wait to see it after you have finished your three rolls.

Deciding whether or not you decide to enjoy the thrill of seeing your score beat the unknown score of the champion after you have played the virtual scratch card or want the rush of knowing what it is before you take your chances on the lanes is all up to you. Of course, there is nothing to stop you from changing it up once in a while. It just depends on how you like to play.

Back to the lanes. Clicking each ball sends it rolling down the computerized scratch card lane and towards the pins in front. The number of pins you knocked down with your try is then display above the lane. Above the scores however, are the hidden prize amounts you could win for beating the champion’s score with your roll. Because there are three lanes on the card, each try is its own chance to win!

The maximum prize you can win in a game is dependant on your card price. You select your card price before each game and it ranges between $0.50 and $10 with Bowling. The maximum prize available per game is 100x the price of the scratch ticket played on. This translates into jackpots ranging between $5,000 and $100,000. Some of the other games on even let you bet different amounts than Bowling does which can work out to more cash for you.

Remember, the name of the game is Bowling, so why not try hitting the virtual lanes from the comfort of your couch today at Who knows. You just might score a huge cash prize.